Upcoming projects

Upcoming projects

Advocacy Group for the Mentally Ill (Cyprus) – Drawing Donation

On the occasion marking World Mental Health Day, AGMI (a GAMIAN-Europe member) generously donated to the State Health Service Organization Cyprus - Larnaca Hospital, drawings produced by people with lived experience of mental health...

A Pocket Guide to Agitation

A POCKET GUIDE TO AGITATION AND WHAT TO DO IN A CRISIS         This pocket guide is for people who experience agitation, their carers and close friends. This brief guide compliments the full version which can be accessed via GAMIAN-Europe and EUFAMI websites. It...

COVID19 Lockdown: Patient Story from Finland

Written by Päivi Rissanen, Doctor of Political Science and expert by experience and working at the Finnish Central Association for Mental Health (member of GAMIAN-Europe) on a Recovery action-orientated Mental Health Services project. How does the mind...

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