Advanced Sratification Of People With Depression Based On Inflammation (ASPIRE)

ADVANCED STRATIFICATION OF PEOPLE WITH DEPRESSION BASED ON INFLAMMATION (ASPIRE), is a co-designed project with people with lived experience (PWLE) of depression and it will:

  1. Harmonise and integrate data from existing clinical trials of anti-inflammatory medications in major depressive disorder (MDD) through systematic literature reviews and direct access to data from trials by the consortium.
  2. Produce, through meta-analyses, a set of inflammation-related blood, clinical and neuroimaging stratification markers that accurately predict depression response to anti- inflammatory medications.
  3. Use machine-learning to generate a decision tool that identifies depressed patients who will respond to anti-inflammatory medications and thus could access these drugs as early intervention.
  4. Assess the feasibility and acceptability of the tool in a feasibility, proof-of-concept, open-labelled, stratified prospective study, delivered in Europe, the USA and South Africa.
  5. Provide capacity building in immune biomarkers and neuroimaging data collection and analysis, to implement the algorithm in the centres participating to the proof-of-concept study.
  6. Explore the views of people with lived experience (PWLE) regarding the role of inflammation in depression, and produce educational material for PWLE.Produce scientific publications, conference presentations and public engagement outputs (articles for the public, podcasts, social media campaigns) describing the outcomes and impact of the study.

GAMIAN will have some cross cutting tasks in all objectives with the main focus on task 6 and task 7.


This project is receiving funding from Wellcome Trust.


5 years | 2024-2029







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