CSA EP-Brainhealth

The CSA (Coordination and Support Action) BrainHealth is on its way to developing a strategic research and innovation agenda, implementation plan, and governance structure, paving the way to the brain health partnership. The CSA BrainHealth will also be tasked with ensuring a broad geographical representation of European countries, notably to strengthen the participation of widening countries. It will create a new ecosystem for brain research, to be consolidated in an ambitious partnership on brain health, strengthening the position of European brain health research on the international scene.

At the researchers’ level, the existing initiatives on brain health have gained recognition in Europe. Their strategic and innovation agendas, transnational calls, and international influence have created a visible and recognised European research area in the field of brain diseases. Several initiatives have enrolled patient groups, carers, and the general public in the prioritisation and evaluation of their actions, and this will be strengthened.

In this CSA, GAMIAN-Europe will work in close collaboration with EFNA to establish a Patient Advisory Board as one of the bodies in the Governance structure of this European Partnership.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101136302


November 1 2023 | Runtime of 24 months







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