GAMIAN-Europe Joins Innovative Research Project on Personalised Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

GAMIAN-Europe is excited to announce its participation in a new European research project: Virtual Brain Twin. The five-year project, coordinated by EBRAINS, involves 18 partners and is dedicated to creating a revolutionary ecosystem for generating virtual brain twins for psychiatric patients. This innovative approach is aimed at guiding clinicians in optimising medication type and dosage, as well as evaluating alternative treatments, including brain stimulation and lifestyle changes.

GAMIAN-Europe’s Integral Role in the Project

GAMIAN-Europe’s contribution to this project is centred around providing an ethical perspective on the concept of virtual brain twins. This involves an ongoing analysis of ethics literature, conducting qualitative interviews with patients and citizens, and undertaking population surveys. Our role is crucial in ensuring that the development and implementation of these virtual brain twins are conducted with the highest ethical standards and with the utmost consideration for the patients’ rights and well-being.

Additionally, GAMIAN-Europe is tasked with mobilising and involving a diverse range of stakeholders in the co-creation of the virtual patient platform. This includes neuroscientists, clinicians, healthcare professionals, patients, citizens, and industrial actors. Our role also extends to facilitating the organisation of multidisciplinary co-labs. These co-labs are essential for the definition, validation, and valorisation of the virtual patient platform, ensuring that it meets the varied needs and expectations of all stakeholders involved.

A Step Towards Personalised Psychiatric Treatment

The project represents a significant step forward in the field of personalised treatment for psychiatric disorders. By creating virtual brain twins, clinicians will have a powerful tool at their disposal to tailor treatments more effectively to individual patients. This could lead to better treatment outcomes, reduced side effects, and overall improvements in patient care and quality of life. Furthermore, the involvement of a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the co-creation process ensures that the virtual patient platform is developed in a collaborative, inclusive, and ethically sound manner.

GAMIAN-Europe’s Vision for the Future

GAMIAN-Europe’s participation in this project reflects our ongoing commitment to improving mental health care and treatment options. We believe that this project has the potential to transform the way psychiatric disorders are treated and managed, bringing us closer to a future where every patient receives personalised, effective, and ethically considered care.


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