Understanding And Managing Agitation Guide


A guide for patients and carers

Agitation is a common experience for people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and dementia. Agitation is also experienced by people with depression and anxiety disorders.

When agitation takes place it can escalate very quickly and if severe may require a hospital admission which can all be very distressing. Early recognition of signs and symptoms and acting quickly are crucial to avoiding this situation. Many people who experience agitation are able to recognise their symptoms/ episodes and should be empowered to anticipate and manage, with the support of their carers and clinicians their symptoms and avoid admission to hospital as far as possible.

GAMIAN-Europe, in collaboration with EUFAMI has produced a guide which aims to provide information for people who experience agitation and those close to them. It includes a description of what agitation is, how it can be managed and what available treatments can help. It is written from the perspective of people with lived experience of agitation and carers, and also draws on existing research.

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