Conventions and Seminars

The Convention and seminars of GAMIAN Europe are 2 vital elements for the cohesion and representation of the organisation, they gather members to share their expertise, collect input to the GAMIAN-Europe strategy and advance knowledge of a particular topic.

2017 Convention – BUDAPEST

Digital Capacity Building of Mental Health Organisations’ GAMIAN-Europe Annual Convention & General Assembly 22 –24 September 2017 From Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th of September, over 40 representatives from patient organisations, GAMIAN-Europe board members...

2016 Convention – VIENNA

2016 Convention - VIENNA GAMIAN-Europe held its Convention and General Assembly from the 15th to the 16th September 2016. On Thursday 15th September, GAMIAN-Europe members came together to discuss Migration, Mental Health and the European Impact with...

Thematic Seminar 2016

MENTAL HEALTH AND MIGRATION: BRINGING DOWN THE BARRIERS Thematic Seminar: Prague (Czech Republic) 19 -20 March 2016 Summary report Aim of the seminar was to address the impact of the current migration crisis on mental health, with participants reflecting and reporting...

Thematic Seminar 2015

Thematic Seminar 2015: Serres (Greece) Theme: Community Mental Health the Seminar could be organized with an educational grant from Janssen and from TEVA Date: Saturday 28th March- Sunday 29th March 2015   Venue: Elpida Resort & Spa Exochon Blvd Αg Αnargiron, Serres,...

2013 Convention – VILNIUS

The 2013 Annual Convention of GAMIAN-Europe was held in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 20th and 21 september 2013.
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