Art and Mental Health Projects


Welcome to our creative hub, where we delve into the intricate relationship between art and mental health. Our projects encompass a diverse range of artistic expressions by those living with a variety of mental health conditions. As part of these projects, we look to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health by including artwork and shared experiences. Check out the initiatives below as we celebrate the transformative power of art, empower individuals to embrace their unique emotional journeys, and contribute to a compassionate society where mental well-being is valued and honoured.


The Vibrant Mind: Embracing Mental Health Through Artistry

The Vibrant Mind is a pan-European exhibition project that explores the profound connection between art and mental health, building on the success of the previous year’s contest. This initiative aims to raise awareness of mental health conditions, promote collaboration amongst GAMIAN-Europe member associations, and showcase the artwork of individuals living with mental health challenges across Europe. The project involves organising exhibitions in various European galleries and venues, hosting various events around art and mental health and creating digital resources and social media channels to share the artists’ works.

My HeArt Competition: Exploring Mental Health Through Visual Art

This initiative invited individuals with lived experience of mental ill-health to share their unique perspectives on mental health through the powerful medium of art. The contest provided a platform for self-expression, raising awareness of the diverse experiences and challenges faced by those living with mental health issues. By showcasing a multitude of artistic creations, the contest looked to foster a supportive and inclusive community, breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and celebrating the resilience and creativity of the human spirit.


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